Steve is the real deal!! He works with you 1 on 1 and shows you how to box correctly!!! He cares about each and every customer he works with to make sure you are getting fulfillment out of each training session!! He is just the greatest!!!

~A.B April'19

This place is the bomb!!! My son and I just started a few weeks ago and we're addicted, friendly & happy environment. So glad we began this journey. Thank you Steve Reid, you rock:)

~K.L June '19

The draws of this place are the owner, the workout, and the reasonable rates. Winner. The owner, Steve Reid, is not just an expert in boxing, which is the least expectation, but as a trainer, he is supportive and attentive and as a business owner, he is generous. He is not out to make money out of you right away or at least he doesn't make you feel that he primarily sees dollar signs on you*. He wants you to like the workout and make sure it is right for you. He is in this for the long haul. You can contract private boxing sessions-- which I have done a few times and intend to go back for more-- or get in on the group class boxing circuits published on the schedule. I tried the circuit class and it is no less challenging than any of the others I attend in other places, except there is no running! LOL There's enough cardio to take its place. I only wish there were more group classes on the schedule that I can take advantage of. If you love to hit the bag and get a really good workout for a great value, you have to come in to this place. Support local business that deserve to be around. 
*I was turned off with another spot because the owners were the exact opposite.

~M.H August'19

Very good boxing classes and one on one sessions with the owner Steve. He’s a great teacher and super friendly. Def worth checking out for a different work out that pushes you to be strong.

~M.A. July'19